Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The baby slept all night!

I remember getting home with Jaedon, settling in and going to bed,well, wanting to. First, let's hope the baby would go to sleep. At 2 days old, he did sleep quite a bit, just not all in one shot. Aha! Finally, he's asleep. I put him in his bassinet....on his belly, or on his back? the books say on his back.... let's try that. Wahhh! His arms shoot out to the sides, his legs stiffen. OK, that didn't work. Walk, walk, walk,...he's asleep. Let's wait a bit. Ok, let's put him down. Maybe on his side this time. Ahhh! He's still sleeping. I head over to my bed and try to settle in for the night. It took me a while to find a comfortable spot, to quite my mind. It has been an eventful 2 days, with sonogram, hospital stays, induction.... I'm not sure if I had been asleep a minute when .."Eh, Eh, Eh....Waaahh!!!" I get him, put him on the breast. To prevent jaundice, he should be fed every 90 monutes. In 10 minutes, he's sleeping again. It's now 1 in the morning and I haven't slept yet. I had a sinking feeling, a premonition of things to come.

Ok, so now I know how to put him down, I put him in his bassinet and get into bed. My body relaxes and I sigh in relief as the quiet continues. But the red light from the digital clock is bothering me. I throw a shirt over it. Sleep, at last. Then, "Eh, Eh, Eh, Wa, Waaah!" It was exactly 90 minutes from the last feeding, 2:30am, and 15 minutes of sleep under my belt!

This continued until morning when my darling husband woke up, looked at the sleeping baby in the bassinet and exclaimed, " The baby slept all night!" A description of my thoughts in that moment are for another posting.

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  1. I was reliving that sleep deprived, sleeping on needles, anxious feeling as I was reading this. Man!

    On many of those nights, I used to thank God for Calcium and Valerian Root.


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